John Ruskin: The Stones of Venice - "Venetian Index" - T


146 Tana, windows at the

These windows are from a narrow alley in a part of Venice now exclusively inhabited by the lower classes, close to the Arsenal; they are entirely wrought in brick, with exquisite mouldings, not cast, but moulded in the clay by the hand, so that there is not one piece of the arch like another; the pilasters and shafts being, as usual, of stone.


147 Tolentini, Church of the

One of the basest and coldest works of the late Renaissance. It is said to contain two Bonifazios.


148 Toma, Ponte San

There is an interesting ancient doorway opening on the canal close to this bridge, probably of the twelfth century, and a good early Gothic door, opening upon the bridge itself.


150 Trevisan, Palazzo

The Trevisan-Cappello house, in Canonica, was once the property (1578) of a Venetian dame fond of Crayfish. Her name was Bianca Cappello.

See also Palazzo Trevisan for the current state of the building


151 Trovaso, Church of St.

Itself of no importance, but containing two pictures by Tintoret.

Jan-Christoph Rößler